Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Book Release! - The End of Guilt

I have just released a new book, The End of Guilt: Realizing Your Innocence through A Course in Miracles. It’s available at Amazon and other major retailers.
The End of Guilt is a very well-written, thorough treatment of one of the most important concepts in A Course in Miracles. The end of guilt opens the doors of Heaven.” - Jon Mundy
Here is the description,
Since the dawn of man, stories of guilt have formed the fabric of our history. From wars and conflicts to crime and punishment, guilt has driven our actions. We want to see guilt punished, but fear we may need to be punished as well. Everyone living in this world experiences guilt, whether at a deeply personal level or perceived in others. Guilt feels heavy and dark, like a great weight holding us down, and we look for ways to keep it hidden. Ultimately, hidden or not, the guilt remains and impacts our relationships and the decisions we make in life.
This new book by the author of It’s All Mind explores a new way of looking at guilt, the way of A Course in Miracles. Here guilt is examined from the idea of separation and the ego that wants to maintain that separation. Once seen this way, the Course provides us with the antidote to guilt, the idea of forgiveness, a brand of forgiveness unlike any taught by religions or psychologists. When forgiveness is applied to the guilt in your life, that dark and heavy burden will be lifted, and the Love and Peace of our True Home can be revealed.
More than a theoretical book, it’s also a practical guide showing how you can use forgiveness every day to lift your personal burden of guilt and truly change your life. Through a simple step-by-step process, you will be able to apply the practice of forgiveness to the guilt you experience. With repeated application, a real transformation is possible, leading you out of the conflicts in your life to the end of guilt.

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